The 23rd Thing!

September 10, 2007


1. My favorite thing was when I surprised myself by learning something that I will continue to use. I continue to use and love Zoho, it really is convenient. My favorite thing, not for myself as much as for others, is the way it allowed you to play as a way of learning. When learning is fun, it tends to stick.

2. I like to learn by playing, I encourage others to do so, and having it encouraged by the entire state of Maryland really institutionalized this as a real way to learn.

3. Well, not really. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and I worked hard to learn something even in sites I was already familiar with, like YouTube (where I learned how to imbed the video link using tools in WordPress.)

4. Not sure if anything – it seems to have been wildly successful! Perhaps more sharing in ways other than your blog so that we can view and build on others successes.

5. Yes!

6. Learning + Fun = Library 2.0!


I’ve worked with both Overdrive and NetLibrary here at work in getting the subscription started and getting things set up. However, I can’t use them at home because they don’t like Macs! I don’t want to get into all the wheres and whyfores, and I understand it is as much the fault of Apple as it is with the downloadable companies, but it is the way it is, I can’t use it and there you are! I have downloaded audiobooks from iTunes and it’s a pretty easy process.

Thing 21: Podcasting

September 10, 2007

I must admit to not being that big of a fan of podcasting, and exploring some more didn’t change my mind. I’ve already expressed how I feel about subscribing to things, but there seems to be something amiss here – many podcasts that I found while searching just don’t get updated that often. It seems almost like it’s something that causes people to dig in and burnout fast. I found soccer podcasts that hadn’t been updated in 3 weeks, a dj poscast I subscribed to earlier in the summer and thought it wasn’t working, but he hasn’t done one since June. It seemed as if all of hasn’t been updated in nearly a year. I did find one cool video podcast, Jetset that had a lot of good information – but it is professionally produced and it shows! This is another one that we can use to keep up with Pop Culture – and it uses real teens as correspondents.

I *Heart* YouTube

September 10, 2007

Oh, YouTube! As I mentioned in my last post I am sure I use it every day. From sports highlights to music videos to internet sensations like Kige Ramsey and Miss Teen South Carolina (even though I am officially over her now!).

 Here’s a great music video, Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. It was nominated for best music video last night at the MTV Awards, and Justice is the band that along with Simian Mobile Disco beat Kanye at the MTV Europe Awards.

YouTube can be used to answer reference questions even! To stay on top of Pop culture, an ever-important role of a public librarian. For example, to publicize new cds, link to music videos on your new releases page. YouTube is really playing the role that MTV used to play as far as music videos go.

Web 2.0 Award winners

August 27, 2007

Many of these I am intimately familiar with already, so despite the temptation to take the easy way out (hee!) I decided to list them, then explore something new.

Craigslist– I’ve used this to sell extra concert tickets, and to buy tickets to a Chelsea match while in London. Craigslist is great if you don’t have the patience for eBay.
Going – This isn’t one of the “Events” winners, but its one I use occasionally – similar kind of thing for New York. Great to find off-the-beaten-path kind of stuff.

Frappr – I stumbled across this one day, can’t remember how, and found a map of people who lived in my college dorm, which was in the Ohio State Stadium and no longer exists. I reunited with a good college friend!

Yahoo Answers – I usually use this when trying to find out the answer to something and googling it. Recently I learned how to dial 911 in another city (ex. you’re in Baltimore and someone you know needs help in Naples what do you do? Answer: You’re probably screwed. But Yahoo Answers explained it better.

Zillow – A great tool to figure out your house worth.

Threadless – Great t-shirt site, I also like and of course

Facebook – Just discovering MySpace? Better catch up, Facebook is way hotter.

You Tube – I’m not sure a day goes by that I DON’T use YouTube for something.

 So for today, I decided to look at the Travel Winner, Farecast.

At first, I wasn’t super impressed, but after spending some time there, I will try to remember to use it again. I often search Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia to see who has the best fare options – in my experience, Orbitz usually comes out on top, and Farecast proves this. But having them all in one place makes it easy. I can see how this, and all travel sites are useful in the library, as many folks might be planning a trip still vaguely unaware of them. Travel websites are great! I can’t imagine how we did it before!

Zoho Writer

August 27, 2007

So Zoho Writer just became my favorite thing I’ve learned about in Library 2.0!

I had used Google Docs before and didn’t find it to have the same strong compatibility with familiar Microsoft Office Docs, or if it was there, I didn’t find it as user friendly. (Never thought I’d say that about a Google entity.)

Seconds after creating a ZohoWriter account, I had imported a booklist I created earlier today, edited it and saved it. The way you can export in many different formats and publish right to your blog is very helpful too. The automatic reation of the footer information helps, since I am loath to remember to update this kind of stuff.

I am currently working on a freelance project that I do 90% of my work at home, but then if I get questions on it during the workday, I often can’t answer because the documents are on my laptop. If I save them to Zohowriter, I’ll be able to access them anytime and make changes. Which, I think I may start doing.

Publishing to your blog using Zoho writer is easier than publishing to your blog using the actual blog! Wow! I am officially impressed!

Thanks, Library 2.0!

I like the sandbox, it allows people to see how easy wikis are to use.

I edited the “Best Breakfast in NYC” page (and wish I’d seen that before going to NYC this weekend! And I created by own Fancy Footballers  page. Since we were having fun and all!

What is fun about this exercise is it does something I’ve often done when working with teenagers – it allows you to pursue your own interests while learning. Now that I’ve made a “Fancy Footballers” page, I’ll have an easier time making a page for something less exciting!